Everyone's Pet Peeves

What bugs you?! Got a picture or pet peeve about something that makes you absolutely crazy? Please, email and tell us about it! everyonespetpeeves@gmail.com

Repetitive Talkers

These are the type of people that take one sentence and rephrase it about 20 times in a conversation when the point is understood immediately.  You know, when you are conversing with someone and he says a similar sentence in a different way for no reason.  The sentence is rephrased for no reason and he believes it still has content every time he says it.  It would be like writing a paragraph about the same idea over and over again, like I just did now.


Driving Behind a Garbage Truck

It’s big, it’s wide, it’s slow, and it smells…. it must be a Mcdonald’s customer.


Spinning Beach Ball of Death


The Pretty Uglies (The Cheerleader Effect)


“When women look attractive only when in a group, but individually they look like Nunavut sled dogs”

–  Barnabus E. Stinson

*Also called: The Bridesmade Paradox, the Sorority Girl Syndrome

The Two-Seater

If you have more than one chin, chances are that you have more than one ass.  And if you have more than one ass, well, you obviously need more than one seat.

Cannot Clap on Time With the Music

The other type of clap you don’t want to get.

Other types of unacceptable clapping: (1) On EVERY beat.  (2) On 1 & 3 when the backbeat is on 2 & 4.  (3) After everything the performer says.

Cigarette Breath

It’s like kissing an ashtray, only with more tongue… and more of that real leather feel.