Everyone's Pet Peeves

What bugs you?! Got a picture or pet peeve about something that makes you absolutely crazy? Please, email and tell us about it! everyonespetpeeves@gmail.com



Counter Crotch

When the person before you left water all over the counter so you get your crotch wet when you lean over to wash your hands.

Morning Breath

One of the only reasons not to have morning sex.


Winter Sleeves

This is when you decide to brush your teeth or wash your hands in long sleeves without rolling them up.  Then they stay moist the whole day.  This is why men don’t wash their hands after they use the bathroom.

Sock Scrunching

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you put on your shoe, but your socks scrunch right up there under your foot.  It’s almost impossible to get a normal fit after the first time, no matter how many times you try after that.



” is considered nonstandard because of the twonegative elements ir-  and -less.”

– Dictionary.com

If you use it, I hate you.

A 5-Finger After the Shower


Making a lasting first impression every time.

The Double “Thank You”

When someone holds two consecutive doors open for you, does the ‘thank you’ for the first door carry over to the second?